San Patricio del Chañar

The region stands out for its unbeatable vine growing features. Given that we are located at 39º south, we have a significant temperature gap, which allows grapes ripe slowly and favors better sugar accumulation, acidity levels, aromas and flavors while constant breezes keep vineyards healthy.

A unique terroir

  • Soils are really pervious and vine roots grow deeply in search for nutrients and minerals.
  • A Pleistocene terrace, an alluvial-colluvial fan and a modern fluvial terrace stand out from the landscape. Every type of soil provides different characteristics and minerals to the varieties planted. Researching into how soils influence wines is part of learning about the terroir.
  • Constant breezes and winds keep vineyards healthy and contribute to fruit concentration, color and structure as grapes develop a thicker skin.
  • Clear skies allow constant sun exposure and therefore intense colors.
  • Low precipitation and low relative humidity contribute to the effect produced by breezes in obtaining healthy grape clusters.
  • As part of our philosophy we utilize drip irrigation, which enables careful management of this precious resource.
  • A large temperature gap between day and night during the ripening period favors the balance between acidity and sugar in the grapes.


The premium wine making process takes place in our 127 hectares all of which have been planted with different varieties and a sophisticated drip irrigation system. Constant research by enologists and agronomists results in the specific selection of areas where each variety reaches its fullest expression. The varieties planted are mainly: Pinot Noir, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, but we also have small productions of other grape varieties which are used to create special edition wines.

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